First UK Electric Bikes powered by Lithium Polymer Batteries launched by PowaCycle

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Electric Bike Press Release

23 March 2007

First UK Electric Bikes powered by Lithium Polymer Batteries launched by PowaCycle

Six months on from the launch of PowaCycle Salisbury and Windsor - Lightweight Electric bikes, PowaCycle are launching two new models based on their forerunner’s successful design: The new models are called Salisbury LPX and Windsor LPX.

These are the first Lithium Polymer based electric bikes from a UK producer and provide customers with the most advanced power specification available. At £599 the bikes are very competitively priced. Lithium Polymer based Electric Bikes have until now been associated with European models that carry a price tags of £1,000 or more. 

The Salisbury LPX and Windsor LPX bikes are both full-sized 26 inch wheel electric bikes that thanks to very lightweight 2kg LPX batteries, weigh only 22kg in total.

Both bikes are hybrids offering “pedal assist” as well as “twist and go” throttle power modes. Six Shimano gears are included for users wanting to maximise their cycling contribution. 

The Windsor LPX has an aluminium step-over frame with adjustable handlebar and seat – this type of frame has proved very popular with typical electric bike users in the more mature age bracket. Salisbury LPX has the same feature and power specifications as Windsor LPX, but is based on an aluminium alloy cross-bar frame.

“Our initiative bringing Lithium Polymer based electric bikes to market is a response to customers, who have strong preferences for lightweight models, and who like to be confident of a sufficient distance range, and not have to worry about running out of power on journeys that would more normally be made by car.”
Wazz Mughal - Operations Manager

PowaCycle’s Salisbury LPX and the Windsor LPX are the first of PowaCycle models to use Lithium Polymer Batteries. The LPX batteries are the result of the combined work of PowaCycle’s design teams based in the UK and China.

The batteries used in Windsor LPX and Salisbury LPX supply 273 Watt hours of power (26V 10.5Ah). In recent independent tests* the original PowaCycle Windsor (using NiMH battery power) proved capable of 25 miles per charge in conditions that included hills. (* Tests carried out by A to B magazine October 2006).

Both the WindSor LPX and Salisbury LPX with the new Lithium Polymer batteries have a power capacity 42% greater than these NiMH models, so a power assisted range of 30-35miles per charge represents a conservative estimate of anticipated performance – a strong accolade for such lightweight models.  

Windsor LPX and Salisbury LPX have been aggressively priced to compete with conventionally powered brands, as PowaCycle are actively seeking new dealers in order to expand their distribution network across Britain.

The first shipments of Salisbury LPX and Windsor LPX to UK customers have started.


PowaCycle Salisbury LPX
PowaCycle Salisbury LPX

PowaCycle Windsor LPX
PowaCycle Windsor LPX