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Electric Bikes
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Electric Bike Press Release
Lightweight Electric Folding Bicycles

Date: 23 June 2006

A Convenient Way to Explore the Countryside


Enjoy access to the countryside without polluting it

Riding electric bikes in place of conventionally powered vehicles, not only avoids pollution, but provides access to beautiful areas and paths wherever cycling is permitted. Thanks to new technology a new generation of electric bikes are now little heavier than standard bicycles. PowaCycle’s Puma and Lynx electric bikes are made from lightweight aluminium alloy and fold-up for convenient transit and storage. Holidaymakers now have a more convenient way to explore deeper into the countryside. The only limits are that users need to be 14 or over and able to ride a bicycle.


Making the longer journey quick and easy

Riders of Electric bicycles can no only achieve greater distances more comfortably than cyclists; they also arrive fresh at their destinations. A reasonable pace with less effort and less perspiration makes travel more appealing. A three mile journey can take less than 15 minutes without busting a gut. 


Hybrid – Choice of three modes

Electric bikes are typically designed to be operated with power assisting the pedal effort. 

PowaCycle’s Puma and Lynx offer more.  Riders have a choice between pedal assisted power (pedelec), or throttle controlled power where pedal effort is optional (e-bike), a plus for riders with knee injuries. Riders can switch between modes to suit their energy levels or switch off and just cycle.


Consumer resistance to weight

One of the main limitations with electric bikes has until very recently been the weight of the battery. At up to 10kg extra weight, lead acid batteries, can make an electric bike awkward to wheel around and lift. The size of a battery determines the potential powered distance, so the design challenge has always been to keep weight to a minimum, while providing a sufficient journey range. NiMH battery technology recently improved weight ratios; however a substantially greater advantage is achieved with Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries.


Lightweight Lithium Ion battery technology

PowaCycle’s top models offer advanced Li-ion technology in Electric Bikes that are priced to compete with more conventionally powered brands. Lithium Ion batteries enable an Electric Bike to be produced that is only marginally heavier than a normal bicycle.


In 2006 PowaCycle became the first UK supplier to launch electric bikes in the UK powered by Lithium Ion batteries, at just £599 inc. VAT. Lithium Ion powered electric bikes are still relatively new and the few available are more typically priced around £1,000.


The “Puma” and “Lynx” electric bikes weigh only 18kg and 20kg respectively. These full sized adult models have aluminium frames, luggage racks and fold-up for convenient transit by car, boat or train.


PowaCycle is the brand name behind high specification electric bikes at exceptionally competitive prices. PowaCycle is part of Ultima Networks PLC, a group of companies committed to producing “green” products designed to enhance everyday life.