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Electric Bikes
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Electric Bike Press Release

Lightweight Electric Powered Bicycles

PowaCycle is the brand name behind high specification electric bikes at exceptionally competitive prices. PowaCycle is part of Ultima Networks PLC, a group of companies committed to producing “green” products designed to enhance everyday life.

What are Electric Bikes?

An electric bike is a true “dual power” vehicle, using the rider’s energy and a battery powered motor to provide a relatively effortless riding experience. An Electric Bike is classed as a bicycle under UK law, providing it meets certain criteria including: total kerbside weight under 40kg, maximum powered speed of 15mph, and a motor not exceeding 200W continuous power output. As a “bicycle”, an electric bike is exempt from all the costs and restrictions associated with other powered two wheelers. They also have free use of cycle lanes and cycle paths. Such electric bikes are exempt from annual insurance, road tax and MOT costs. The only restriction is that riders of electric bikes must be over 14. Being “power assisted” electric bikes appeal to middle-aged and older adults, who might prefer not to travel great distances on a bicycle.

Keeping the urban environment clean
The use of electric bikes in place of conventional powered vehicles helps to reduce urban pollution.

For the Journey to Work
Electric bicycles can help commuters to travel greater distances comfortably, yet arrive fresh at their destinations. Many commuters, who are keen cyclists, would be unwilling to cycle to work, if no staff shower facilities are provided. With an Electric Bike a rider can travel at reasonable pace with less effort and less perspiration making travel to work more appealing.

Consumer Resistance to Weight
One of the main limitations with electric bikes has until very recently been the weight of the battery. At up to 10 kg the extra weight of the lead acid gel batteries, can make an electric bike awkward to wheel around and lift. The size of a battery determines the potential powered distance, so the design challenge has been to keep weight to a minimum, while providing a sufficient journey range. NiMH battery technology recently improved weight ratios. An even greater advantage is achieved with Li-ion batteries.

PowaCycle brings lighter battery technology
In March 2007 PowaCycle became the first UK manufacturer to supply Lithium Polymer battery powered electric bikes. Later on in the year PowaCycle’s top of the range models all incorporated the advanced Lithium Polymer batteries. The new technology enables an electric bike to be manufactured that is only marginally heavier than a standard bicycle. The new LPX battery brings a high power to weight ratio, which means greater distances are achieved with lighter batteries.